Panama Soweto

Kota Reliquary

The Kota, whose members live primarily in the northeastern region of Gabon in Central Africa, strongly believe that the bones of important people possess power after death. It is believed that the powers of the deceased could be drawn upon by the living the purposes of protection and good fortune. These bones were kept in reliquaries made from baskets called Bwete. Figures referred to as Mbulu Ngulu would be combined with the baskets in time of need; believing that the combination would provide protection.

Guro Antelope Mask

This mask, worn by Panama, originates from the The Guro, also called Kweni, people of Côte d’Ivoire. As they are mostly farmers, many of their imagery is derived from influences form the land and agrarian practices. They regard five animal in high esteem; the antelope, the hyena, the leopard, the crocodile and the elephant. The antelope, which dawns this mask, is revered for its speed and grace and is said to have taught man to farm.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 15%
Africa Southeastern Bantu – 3%
Benin / Togo – 9%
Mali – 2%
Senegal – 3%
Cameroon / Congo – 3%
Nigeria – 28%
Native American – 2%
Asia Central – 3%
Scandinavia – 5%
Ireland – 1%
European West – 18%
Finland / Northwest Russia – 3%

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