Musa Bailey

Helmet Mask  (Kabongo)

This mask, with a long sweeping chin and conical eyes, originates from Kuba art. The tribe Kuba, also called Bakuba, is a cluster of about 16 Bantu-speaking groups in southeastern Congo. They became know for their highly sophisticated masks. The groups used more than 20 different types of masks; each with functions that varied from group to group. The most commonly produced mask was the helmet mask. These masks were created with light wood, geometric designs, and pigment.

Massai Knife (Seme)

Maasai, nomadic pastoralists, predominately occupy the southern region of Kenya and the Northern region of Tanzania. Males of the group grow up always carrying a seme to do everything from clearing brush and butchering cattle, to peeling fruit and cutting fire wood.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 34%
Africa Southeastern Bantu – 2%
Senegal – 8%
Cameroon / Congo – 13%
Nigeria – 2%
Asia South – 2%
Scandinavia – 14%
Great Britain – 3%
Ireland – 9%
Iberian Peninsula – 5%
European West – 3%
Italy / Greece – 2%

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