Miranda Acuna

Kingdom of Benin

Benin art originates from the Kingdom of Benin or Edo Empire (1440–1897). Existing from 1440-1897,  the empire was located in the Southern are of Nigeria. Benin art is special in that the tribal art is separate than their royal art that was for the Oba, or King. Specialized artists belonging to guilds with hereditary membership created art solely for the oba. These pieces of art recorded significant historical events involving the Oba as well as initiate the oba’s interactions with the supernatural and honor his deified Created from brass, iron, coral and ivory, colonizing forced marveled at the the beauty and the intricate metalwork that Benin art communicated.   The three Benin figures pictured, are made from brass and depict Benin warriors.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 25%
Africa Southeastern Bantu – 18%
Benin / Togo – 18%
Mali – 6%
Senegal – 6%
Cameroon / Congo  – 2%
Nigeria – 1%
Native American – 3%
Scandinavia – 5%
Great Britain – 5%
Ireland – 3%
European Jewish – 2%
Iberian Peninsula – 2%
Caucus – 2%

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