Michael Acuna

Dan Initiation Mask

Dan masks are some o the most aesthetically pleasing masks to view. This mask was danced during initiation ceremonies by males and were only carved by initiated members of the male Poro society. The Dan people are extreme spiritual; classifying two realms. The first was the human realm, which consisted of the village. the other, was the spirit realm consisting of the forest. The mask served as protection against evil forces up until the time they would enter the spiritual realm.

Congo Spear

This spear, believed to have originated from the Kuba Kingdom, is a testament to their inventive metalworking. Although many male members of the Kuba people carried knives, spears would be used in a ceremonial capacity.

Mandinka Kora

The Mandinka Kora is a plucked stringed instruments that is a 21-string lute-bridge-harp and commonly found along the African coast from Senegal to Angola. The kora’s body is made from a calabash gourd cut in half and partially covered with animal skin.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 6%
Africa Southeastern Bantu – 13%
Benin / Togo – 36%
Mali – 6%
Senegal – 7%
Cameroon / Congo – 6%
Nigeria – 1%
Africa Central Hunter Gather – 2%
Native American – 4%
Scandinavia – 4%
Great Britain – 3%
European Jewish – 2%
Iberian Peninsula – 4%
Italy / Greece – 3%

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