Ietef Hotep Vita

Maasia Walking Stick

Walking sticks, or “Fimbo” in Kiswahili, is a multi-functional tool that is commonly used to support walking, prod cattle & steer livestock, kill snakes, and defend oneself.

Maasai sandal

Across East Africa, recycled sandals are commonly worn. Referred to as the “ten thousand milers,” these sandals have a reputation for their durability and the their longevity. As a pastoral people, these sandals are a common staple for those continuing to raise livestock.

Grand BouBou

Grand Boubou are wide sleeved and long flowing garbs that are commonly worn throughout west Africa. The name originates from the Senegalese word, “mbubb.” This word eventually was translated into French as “boubou”. These garbs were typically made from silk but have recently become comprised of cotton and synthetic fabric.  Grand Boubous are now cap called a “taqiya”.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 20%
Benin / Togo – 18%
Mali – 2%
Senegal – 7%
Cameroon / Congo – 25%
Nigeria – 12%
Africa Central Hunter Gather – 2%
Asia Central – 2%
Great Britain – 9%

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