Kpwan and Goli Kplekple Mask

The Baule of modern day Ivory Coast perform a number of dances for village entertainment; one such performance is known as goli. Baule goli performances consist of four red/black, male/female dance mask pairs appearing in a pre-defined order; First, a pair of disk masks called kple kple; Second, a pair of animal helmet masks called goli glin; Third, a pair of horned masks called kpan pre; and Fourth, two human-faced masks with crested coiffure called kpwan.

The Goli mask, second in line, are circular shaped face-masks featuring curved shaped horns, round eyes, rectangular shaped mouth and geometric designs surrounding the circumference of the mask. These masks are the junior male and represent youth and weakness. These masks also never represent the ancestors and are always worn by men.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 10%
Benin / Togo – 12%
Mali – 15%
SenegalĀ  – 7%
Cameroon / Congo – 21%
Nigeria – 12%
Africa Central Hunter Gather – 2%
Scandinavia – 10%
Great Britain – 2%
Ireland – 1%
Iberian Peninsula – 3%