Oren Lomena

Dan Mask

The Dan, also know as Gio or Yakuba, inhabit the mountainous west-central Côte d’Ivoire and adjacent areas of Liberia. The Dan society, masks are one of the most important forms of art. That is because masks are believed to embody powerful spiritual forces.

Kundi Harp

The Kundi (arched) harp is a five-string harp that can be found in many areas of sub-suharan Africa. This instrument was traditionally played by young men and boys. Pictured, is a Kundi harp comprising of wood, snake skin, strings, and copper.


Ivory Coast / Ghana – 27%
Africa Southeastern Bantu – 2%
Benin / Togo – 4%
Senegal – 2%
Cameroon / Congo – 44%
Nigeria – 17%
Africa Central Hunter Gather – 4%